Task Force (February 13, 2009)

A railroad museum in Memphis? If a group of local rail enthusiests have their way, it will become a reality. The “Memphis Railroad and Train Museum Planning Task Force” spearheaded by Hugh Teaford and Mike Fleming in conjunction with MATA, the owner of Central Station are taking the first steps toward making such a museum a reality.

When Central Station was built, tunnels were constructed under the tracks, running from the station to the Railway Express Agency near the other end of the complex. Six elevators connected the tunnels to the platforms above. Baggage and express were carried to and from the trains through the tunnels. One of these tunnels, some sixteen feet in width, will be home for the museum.

The task force is already busy putting things together. Organizational and conceptual plans are being made and evaluation of the facilities are underway. Plans include a model train layout (naturally) incorporating historic Memphis railroad scenes and historic artifacts.

This tunnel is the future home of the MRTM

Hugh Teaford and Architect Doug Burris evaluate the tunnel. The windows in the background open up to Main Street.