Organizational Meeting (August 29,2009)

On Saturday, August 29, 2009, an organizational meeting was held for the purpose of creating an entity to establish and operate the Memphis Railroad and Trolley Museum. The meeting was chaired by Hugh Teaford and Mike Fleming. It had been decided at the last meeting of the Memphis Society of Model Railroaders, the organization initially involved in the formation of the Museum, that the best and most economical way forward was to create a separate organization under the auspices of the NMRA to oversee and operate the Museum.

Hugh Teaford and Mike Fleming served as chairmen for the meeting

The name of the new organization is the “Memphis Railroad and Trolley Museum Model Railroad Club”. Bylaws for the club were discussed and adopted, officers were elected and administrative paperwork was completed. Officers of the new club are Hugh Teaford, President: Mike Fleming, Vice President, David Johnston, Treasurer; J. Lachopelle, Secretary and Terry Foshee, Chuck Britt, Neil Sherman and Steve Albers, Directors

Officers of the MRTMMRC

(Not present: David Johnston)

Attendees of the organizational meeting