First Meeting of MRTMMRC (September 20, 2009)

The first meeting of the Memphis Railroad and Trolley Museum Model Railroad Club was held on September 20, 2009, at Central Station. The meeting was proceeded with a walk through of the tunnel area, this time with the benefit of lights.

President Hugh Teaford reported that he had signed the agreement with MATA for museum space at Central Station and it was on the desk of Will Hudson, president of MATA for his signature and that the application with the NMRA had been received by them and that the club was awaiting the certificate of insurance from the NMRA so that the club could take possession of the space and work could begin. (The agreement with MATA has now been signed and the Certificate of Insurance has been received.)

Vice President Mike Fleming reported that membership now stood at 27 members and that anyone joining before the first of 2010 would be considered founding members of the Museum. Mike Fleming ( is the membership contact.

The next steps are:

1. Feasibility study to assess the viability of the museum and identify the best course of action.

2. Formation of three task forces:

(1) Marketing (fund raising, public relations, etc.)

(2) Business Management (operation)

(3) Design and Construction

First Meeting

The first meeting of the MRTMMRC

MRTMMRC members tour the tunnel