10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Friday & Saturday

Noon - 5:00 PM Sundays

Open for groups on other days  by special arrangement

Adults $3.00, under 12 $1.00, 3 and under free.

We are located in Central Station

545 S. Main Street, Suite 121

(901) 590-3099


Please Ignore the Amtrak Web Site!

Amtrak's web site lists us under "Past Events". Evidently someone looked at the calendar wrong! They also have a banner showing "All Events Cancelled" due to the Pennsylvania train accident. This is not true either. May 30th is not in the past and our event is not cancelled! See you Saturday!!

MAY 30, 2015



April 22, 2015 - MATA has requested 32.2 Million dollars over the next five years to replace their fleet of vintage trolleys with modern replicas  instead of rebuilding the old ones after two caught on fire last year. The trolleys could be running as soon as early 2017. In the mean time MATA wants to buy new and used rubber tired buses built to look like trolleys to run the trolley routes until the new trolleys arrive. Currently green hybrid busses are running the trolley routes. MATA plans to eventually refurbish some of its vintage trolleys and add them to the fleet when funds are available.

Take advantage of our Annual Passes - Family: $40.00, Individual: $25.00. Twelve months of unlimited admissions and other benefits.  Available in our on line gift shop or at the Museum. 


Party packages  available

(Birthday - Fun Day)

Click HERE for details! 

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VOLUNTEER:We can always use volunteers. If you would like to be part of the MRTM, click on the "Contact" tab and let us know!


Central Station

More About Central Station.......

Memphis Central Station

Home of the

Memphis Railroad and Trolley Museum

(We are a non-profit  501 (C) (3) Corporation)


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